BV4 Leveraging

Well-targeted measures allow us to achieve measurable and visible growth of brand values. The aim is to increase the brand-driven value of our clients’ companies.

Brand implementation

Based on the brand value drivers we have determined, we recommend custom-tailored measures that will allow you to exploit these value drivers to increase the value of both your brand and your company.

Brand value as collateral

In the context of raising capital at a bank or a financial institution, the brand value we calculate can favor the conditions of the loan: having a strong and valuable brand can positively influence the amount of a loan and the associated financing costs.

Raising capital through sale and lease-back

Another possibility to raise capital on the basis of a strong brand is the sale and lease-back procedure. The trademarks are sold to a leasing company (or any other juristic person), but the brand is still used by its holder and paid back at the same time. We have the necessary know-how to support our clients in planning and carrying out a sale and lease-back of the brand.

Brand securitization

Brand securitization is about creating tradable securities that are based on the future income of a brand. Your brand’s securities are then put in a brand portfolio with other brands, and possible investors can purchase and trade share certificates of this portfolio. With brand securitization, we support our clients in generating additional income that can then increase the overall value of their company.

Brand licensing

Owners of strong and valuable brands can generate added value if, for a price, they allow other companies to use their brands. In this context we can provide you with an objective brand value that can serve as a basis for calculating license fees.

Brand Extension

We transfer the brand value of your existing brands to your new products. We also seek out the brand partners that are best suited to ensure that your brand can appreciate to its maximum value.

Brand Reporting

We support your efforts to publicize the value and performance of your brand in order to increase the confidence of your target public.