BV4 Steering

The most important prerequisite for a strong and valuable brand is active brand management. We apply custom-tailored methods that allow to monitor your brand and pursue a value-based brand management. The aim is to ensure an optimum form of future-oriented brand management.

Determining brand value drivers

With scientifically founded methods we identify the main value drivers of your brand. For successful brand management and controlling it is crucial to know the most important factors that have an influence on the brand.

Analyzing return on branding

Awareness of the brand-specific value drivers allows to measure the outcome of investments made in a brand in the form of a “return on branding” (ROB).

Optimizing the budget allocation

Awareness of the brand-specific value drivers also allows targeted and cost-efficient investments in these value drivers. This in turn means that marketing and branding budgets can be optimized.

Analyzing brand touchpoints

Using market research instruments (e.g., conjoint analysis) we can clearly show where your brand management has potential for improvement and how to optimally exploit this potential.

Information for company management

The brand values we calculate and the value development they reflect are powerful instruments to illustrate the effect of marketing and branding measures to company management and to justify the deployment of such measures.