ISO 10668 certifiediso

The valuation method BV4 applies is certified by ISO 10668:2010. This international norm sets principles for methods that determine the monetary value of brands. Based on these principles, a reliable and transparent valuation has to consider the holistic perspective of brands. That is, a brand valuation approach has to consider financial, behavioral and legal aspects of a brand.

The international Norm «ISO 10668:2010, Requirements for Monetary Brand Valuation» was released in September 2010. According to this norm, the Austrian Standards plus Certification institute developed a specific certification program. The external certification institute confirms that the valuation methodology applied by BV4 adheres to the international standard ISO 10668.

Dr. Holger Mühlbauer, who audited BV4 in Zurich, welcomes the initiative of a voluntary certification: “The main motive of developing the ISO norm 10668 were missing, widely accepted and standardized requirements for monetary brand valuation methods. Nowadays, ISO 10668 represents the international normative reference for the monetary valuation of brands.

The international norm is consistent with already existing principles according to IFRS and OECD. In addition, the ISO norm includes practice-oriented, legal and behavioral aspects that are indispensable for an objective and holistic valuation of brands.

Based on an ISO certification conducted by an independent institution, we as a professional brand valuation company can demonstrate reliability and declare our expertise. This increases the trust of our clients and fosters objectivity of our services.